Exterior Painting

With exterior painting, the primary objective is to beautify your house and protect the underlying surfaces from the sun and the rain. This requires 3 steps.


A Clean Surface

With Smart Painting, we always was your house down prior to painting to make sure that the surfaces are clean and free of mould spores.This is important for good paint adhesion & longevity of the work.


A Sound Surface

All loose & flaking paint must be removed prior to painting. This is the most crucial step for a long lasting job. It involves lots of sanding, scraping & filling. I admit that it isn’t fun, but it is the most important step.


The Right Paint Selection

The correct primers, undercoats & finish coats for the job, really makes the difference. We recommend premium quality paints such as Dulux, Berger & Taubmans. A colour scheme that is sympathetic to the existing surfaces of your house & the natural environment, projects your sense of style & elegance to the neighbourhood